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Terms and conditions

We try to keep th​is very si​mple and to the point

Booking requires a non refundable 20% deposit, with the total payment made 48 hours before the hire period by credit card on line or in cash on arrival in Freetown.

Transfer and parking costs are at your own expense

If you travel up country and do not have a secure compound for the vehicle for overnight parking we park at the nearest Police station and pay. This will require a local negotiation but typically it could be $5 - $15 per night.

Fuel used is at your expense

Fuel at the start and end of the hire period should have the tank completely full.

Please note: If the vehicle breaks down with fuel pump problems and the tank is below 1/4 full we will not refund the lost rental time. It appears to be a fairly common practice for some customers to wish to run the vehicles with totally empty fuel tanks. This practice sucks sludge into the fuel system causing the fuel pumps to fail and the vehicles to break down at great expense to us and inconvenience to the customer.

As a general point, be aware when refuelling that the station's pump has been reset to zero before filling commences, it's a common trick to overcharge you.

When up country please ensure the tank is filled before setting off to remote locations as fuel quality can be very poor/contaminated in rural locations which cause breakdowns.

We actively avoid some filling stations that have supplied bad fuel, so do not be surprised if the driver will not fill up at a particular station.

Fuel before and after hiring

Travel at the start and end of a hiring may require funding by the customer if the start or end location is any distance away from Freetown. This is in order to get the vehicle to or back from the start/end location. This will usually be requested before the hire period starts.

Travel at your own risk

Some of the conditions of hire vehicles in Sierra Leone are appalling. St George is concerned about your safety and takes all reasonable precautions to drive and maintain the vehicles in a proper manner. However due to the haphazard nature of driving in Sierra Leone we expect you to travel at your own risk.

Insurance on the vehicles allows for a driver plus four passengers

We strongly advise that you take your own travel insurance out before travelling. We do not accept responsibility for any of your possessions.

In the case of breakdown we will reimburse you for any emergency repairs carried out on roadside and or find a replacement vehicle as soon as practically possible.

About your driver

He should be courteous, drive carefully and be on time. It is a dismissal offence to consume anything that could impair his driving. Please advise us if to the contrary.
For your own safety please look after your driver. Avoid excessive hours without rest, a second driver can be arranged if necessary. Make sure that he is properly refreshed. (He will not expect to join you for your evening meal - a few dollars is sufficient to go and find something for himself). Be aware that it can take several hours to cross from one side of Freetown to the other. If you want to keep the vehicle out till late and to make an early start the following day it may well be impossible for the driver to have a reasonable rest period.

Road conditions

The vehicles are capable of driving on most of Sierra Leone's roads. The driver is instructed not to take the vehicle anywhere that could cause damage and has the right to refuse extreme conditions. Choose the Mitsubishi L200 if you expect difficult terrain.

Visiting St George children's home

The children are great fun and usually very interested in guests and we hope you enjoy meeting one another. However, please remember that these children are in our care and only supervised access is allowed. Don't do anything with any child without permission from local staff and they are not allowed to go off with you one to one. Be very warned - we will prosecute inappropriate behaviour.

Air conditioning

Many are fitted with air conditioning but they are not always reliable, so all vehicles are rented out as if without air conditioning.